Little Wonders Early Learning Center - 925 S. Country Club Dr. Jefferson City, MO  65109
"I love that Little Wonders has wonderful and caring teachers who are dedicated to their children! It is nice to be able to walk in the front door and the teachers greet our son by his name, even the teachers from other classrooms!"
- C.K. parent of an infant

"We are extremely thankful for everything you do for our family. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!" - M.K. parent of 1&3 year old

"Our three-year old daughter has learned so much since starting at Little Wonders! She even comes home singing songs she's learned!  She really loves it here." -L.S. parent of a 3 year old

"I tend to be an over protective momma, but I have every bit of faith in Little Wonders and your capabilities to give my son the best education he can receive at his age. It's so nice to be able to leave him with ANY of the teachers and he doesn't freak out or cry when I walk away. That speaks volumes in itself, but he also comes home and starts talking about colors and trying to sing 'The Wheels On The Bus' etc. He also wants to read ALL THE TIME which he wasn't interested in before he started Little Wonders! I applaud you and your staff for the care and attention  you give to my son. I really do feel like he matters there and isn't just another kid you have to deal with. So, Thank You!!" -C.A. parent of a 1 year old

"We want to thank you for the excellent care and all of the love you have shown our infant daughter over the past few months. It put our minds at ease to have her in such a great environment when we couldn't be with her!" -L.B.

"We really enjoy Little Wonders! I'm very glad we found you all! I really appreciate my sons teachers sending home the worksheets he does, it truly helps at home! THANK YOU!!" -A.P. parent of a 5 year old

"I am over all VERY pleased with Little Wonders! You all are wonderful and my child is really learning a lot! I feel like sometimes my child can be a handful, but the teachers deal with it well and my child's 'strong will' very well! Thank you!!" -K.A. parent of a 5 year old

"This is the best program and my son keeps talking about how much he is enjoying it!!" -J.W. parent of a 4 year old

"We've been happy with Little Wonders ever since our son began attending in 2013. Thank you to all the teachers and staff for all that you do!" -L.F. parent of a 4 year old.

"Kari, you run a wonderful daycare, you and your staff are AMAZING! I love our child's teachers, I don't know what we would do without them!" -S.B. parent of an infant

"Our son seems very happy! He asks about his teachers when we're at home, I can tell he feels safe and loved at school. He now knows how to count and is recognizing letters too! He is having fun and learning a lot at the same time! Thank you all!!" - E.H. parent of a 2 year old

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